This project was born in late spring of 2009 when I decided I needed to explore the divergent directions that my photography had taken me.  I embarked on the project as an explorative exercise for my visual senses.  I wanted to do something that was seemingly simple “to take one photo a day for one year”  It turned out to be simple and difficult at the same time.  What was an excellent excuse to do something I love every day cycled through being an automated task turning into an unconscious burden and back again to something I love.  The cycle I experienced proved to keep my visual mind thinking and looking and seeing all the time.  Individually the images are digital photographs taken with professional camera gear as well as my camera phone and point and shoot camera.  Many of the photographs are digitally manipulated while some required required no editing at all.  The completed project resulted in a series of 365 images.  No day's image is necessarily linked to any other day's image.  Although looking back on all the photos one can rearrange images to find themes that unconsciously manifest.  A second result I see in the series is a compression of time.  A viewer can take in a whole years worth of imagery in one sitting.  The final aspect involves the presentation of the images.  They are formatted in a series of twelve volumes.  The volumes are hand-made accordion style books, when opened, will display all 365 images.

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