Along the Rim: Landscapes of the Chisos (UTSA Art Collection)

January 25, 2016

The photographs contained in this portfolio represent a three day journey through the vistas of the Chisos Mountains in the Big Bend National Park.  These landscapes capture in me, a profound urgency to return to an intuitive way of things.  My process is simple; discover and reflect using a meditative mind to see the light, shapes and shadows at play in a given moment.  The natural environment provides countless opportunities and it was my intent to capture the fleeting imagery that the Big Bend region is known for.  

The photographs are a reflection of my experience as an individual in a state of being away from the urban.  In this way the landscape transform into a refuge, a sanctuary.  The landscapes provide refuge from the arduous journey taken to reach them.  They provide a sanctuary from the now and cultivate a connection to the past.  Native peoples used the rugged land as a home and hideaway and tactical outpost from the ever invading Spanish conquest and subsequent American manifest destiny.  Later ranchers and farmers used the land to build wealth and prosperity.  Now the Chisos Basin and surrounding mountains and valleys are precariously protected and offer visitors a solitary place to call home for a short while.  There has been a epoch of visitors and settlers that use this land.  In these photographs at one moment, I am but one migrant to them.

The selection of the ten prints in this album are proudly apart of the UTSA Art Collection.

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